My First Blog

Hi – I have recently qualified asĀ  a personal trainer after wanting to do this for years – but always felt too old. However, I bit the bullet and did it and loved it. The thing that fascinated me the most was the nutritional side of it. After what I have learnt it is no wonder that I have yo yo dieted for years. Id lose the weight then put it back on – Id starve and struggle – but Ive learnt a different way. This is partly why I have set up this blog. I want to give people a chance to learn what I have learnt.

I have also discovered a love for lifting – no longer am I intimidated by the free weights area with the bulking males and the grunty noises they make. Yes I am not lifting as heavy as them but so what – ladies walk over there like you own the place. Weights will give you definition, tone your body and help you burn more calories whilst sleeping – that’s what we all want don’t we.

So people please follow my blog – please comment if you like and maybe leave a hint as to what you would like to know and like me to blog about.


kirsty beckwith

personal trainer


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