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Kettle bells and the benefits of exercising with them

I discovered Kettlebells whilst on my Personal Training course. We spent a few days learning about the benefits of exercising with them and we then spent an afternoon (5 hours in total) swinging them around and learning correct technique – exhausting but so much fun


So the kettlebell – so much you can do with it but the basic move is a kettlebell swing. This is a hinge movement of the hips, not a squat. This means that you use the hips, not the knees. However, if you think that’s the only part of your body working then think again – when you swing a kettlebell every muscle in your body is used,  especially your  posterior muscles – mainly glutes, hamstrings,  erector spinae, trapezius, and posterior deltoids. When you swing the kettlebell low between the legs, the posterior muscles contract – when you bring the kettlebell upwards your abs, anterior deltoids and lats will contract. When the Kettlebell reaches the very top (eye level) you then use your glutes and thrust those hips forward. See – all that in just a swing – good hey!!!


Training with a kettlebell will help build stability – a kettlebell swing needs you to balance and keep your centre of gravity – so whilst swinging you are engaging all your core muscles and teaching your body to be stable and of course engaging those muscles makes them stronger and more toned.


Kettlebell training also helps to improve posture. The muscles in our back are responsible for our posture.  If they are weak then you will probably find you have rounded shoulders,  back aches and issues and sometimes even injuries.  So how does swinging a kettlebell help that? as you have already read training with a kettlebell strengthens the back muscles – if they are strengthened then your shoulders will be less rounded and your posture will be more upright. All of this also helps with reducing risk of injury.


Kettlebell training is awesome for fat. As kettlebell training is classed as an aerobic and strength work out it burns calories whilst working out and also after. Magic hey!


Kettlebells are my favourite exercise in the gym. They make you feel strong, the exercise gets your heart rate up quickly and you can have a quick, very beneficial work out without spending hours in the gym on lots of pieces of equipment and they are fun and a great way to release stress.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a kettebell and chuck it around.

If you want a pure kettlebell session with me, where I can teach you a routine and the correct techniquegive me a call.


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