Body blast workout!!

We all want a quick workout – with quick results. This is going to get that heart rate up and burning calories. This is very much a circuit class you can do at home with just body weight No equipment need

this is an exercise plan designed for someone already used to exercising – go through once if you are a beginner.


fast feet

30seconds on 20seconds rest

jumpin jack

30seconds on 20seconds rest

lateral lunge right leg

30seconds on 20seconds rest

the mummy

30seconds on 20seconds rest

lareral lunge left leg

30seconds on 20 second rest

ski squat 

30secondson 20seconds rest

full/half press up 

12 push ups


30 secondson 20seconds rest

repeat the whole programme 3 times


when finished all 3 sets make sure you stretch 

quad stretch 20 seconds hold

hamstring stretch 20 seconds hold

tricep stretch 20 seconds hold

hip flexor stretch 20 seconds hold

stand raise hands above head – claps hands and pull upwards for a full body stretch hold 20 seconds  – lean left hold for 20 seconds lean right for 20 seconds.









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