Get it on together!

Go on – it’s good for you both. Sweating it out together is fun and brings you much closer! People may stare, maybe wish they could join in – but let them watch and wish cause couples that work out together stand a much better chance of staying together – yep and you thought I was talking about something other than exercise!!

There is a lot of evidence to show that couples that work out together have better communication. Life can be stressful – don’t we know. We also know that exercise helps battle some of the symptoms of stress – but did you know that when you exercise, the brain produces endorphins that stimulate the release of sex hormones. These hormones reduce your heart rate, improve digestion, lower blood pressure and cortisol levels and relax the body.

So if the both of you have just been to the gym – both feel better about your body – both feel relaxed and less stressed – both got a confidence boost cause you’ve lifted heavier than you thought you could or smashed a pb – you’ve both spent the last hour complimenting each other on their changes – well you know where it’s going to lead – 💪🏼💥

There are of course other reasons why exercising together is good. You will be working as a team – eating same foods – and you know what else, I personally find it a mahoosive compliment to know my partner is working out too look good and that he cares about his body and health and also wants to look good for me. I know we are meant to look good for ourselves – but come on we want our partner to look good and care – don’t we?

Reasons why you should exercise together!

1. You can encourage each other. There are days where you just don’t want to go – no energy. Your partner knows this feeling and if they are having a more positive day they can encourage you to get off your butt and go – and visa versa.

2. You always have someone to try out that new food with. If you are exercising together you both want to eat right. If you are cooking a healthy dish just for you and your partner is sitting there eating a Big Mac and fries – it can feel disheartening and you are more likely to fall off the wagon. If you are in it together it makes it much much easier and much more likely to stick to healthy eating.

3. Exercising brings you closer. Whether it’s a long walk, cycling or working out at the gym, if you exercise with your partner it means you are w orking together on something challenging. This strengthens your bond and you will also get to spend time together. If you are on a long walk then it give you a chance to talk without distractions.

4. You will both feel supported in your workouts and your goals. Not only are you more likely to stick to your workout if your partner is motivating you, but working out as a couple creates a way to really show each other you support them and want to help them reach their goals.

5. You can bond together over your new lifestyle. When people don’t get that you would rather go to the gym than sit in a bar getting smashed, and drinking a ton of empty calories and also just blowing away all that hard work – you may get odd looks. If you have a partner that totally knows what you mean you won’t feel quite so insane.

So if you feel the need to spend a bit of time with your partner – or maybe they need a bit of a motivation to exercise – show them this (especially the bit at the beginning) and just maybe you can work together and find a new commonality and  spark a whole new relationship!




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