You pay – but never go

I have done this myself – I have friends that do this – all over the country thousands probably do this. Sign up to the gym with every good intention to go regularly – but life, excuses and no motivation just gets in the way.

So how can you beat it and get your butt moving in the right direction? What can make you go to the gym?

It’s not that photo on the fridge of you not looking your best – that just makes you feel deflated and reach for the bad food.

You need to look forward to going to the gym – you need to enjoy your time there and have fun – that should be the goal – so how do you get that?

1.  Buy yourself some training gear that you absolutely love and want to wear and feel fab in. Bright colours and flattering shapes. Take a look at Victoria Secret, Roxy, Gym shark and of course the Nike and addidas gear. If you like the clothing you are likely to put it on and then you are a quarter of the way there.

2. When you get to the gym enlist a personal trainer to set you up with a programme that’s fun and full of exercises you like. If you feel your pt has not listened to what you want to do and what you don’t like – change personal trainer. They won’t be offended. Pt’s all work in different ways and are suited to different people. So search out a pt that would suit you.

3. Some days you won’t want to go to the gym. You will hear all the voices in your head telling you it won’t make a difference, you are too busy, you can’t be bothered, what’s the point. Listen to them – then tell them to shut up. Just going to the gym and doing a little work out will raise your endorphins – you will leave the gym feeling accomplished and have a spring in your step.

So just go through the motions, move the body, move the muscles and within 15 minutes you start to feel your mood lift.

4.Have a financial reality check. What’s the real the cost to you of not going to the gym each week – it means money is wasted each week, and clothing that you’ve already purchased is more cost without benefits. Add up the total amount for a little shock effect––some of the costs you might have incurred already:

Above all remember one thing. Changes will happen – but mental changes will happen first. So go to the gym and concentrate on feeling good. Don’t go expecting to drop pounds and body to have a 6 pack in 6 weeks – if you go to the gym with high expectations you are likely to get dispondent and give up going. Put weight loss to the back of your mind (even if it is the main reason) go for mental health changes – aches and pains changes – posture changes and of course the social life.

Now put the phone/iPad/laptop down go find your gear and make today the day for change.


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