How bad do you want it??

ACE738B3-2F3E-4C67-AD3F-54C77149F372My course this weekend has highlighted a few things for me – it was fascinating and scary and would make anyone rethink their nutrition.

The risk of getting diabetes type 2 is very real if your waist size (f) is over 31.5 inches and (m) 37inches – being over weight with a high bmi – eating an unhealthy diet high in sugar and high processed diet – 1st degree relative with diabetes type 2 – an inactive lifestyle.

With this in mind – what else would make you change your lifestyle and get fit. If you are over weight and think you are reaching a stage where you could develop diabetes type 2 – what else will make you rethink your food intake and lifestyle – cause if this doesn’t – then what will?

Pt’s, gp’s, nutritionists and anyone else in the health profession can only help so much – We can advise you what to eat to help you lose weight – advise you on portion control – advise you to move more – but if you stick to your same behaviour patterns of eating food that’s high in saturated fat, eating too much sugar, too much alcohol, too much coffee – and not moving as much as recommended then you will see no weight loss – it’s harsh but it’s true – you could go on to develop problems with joints, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, hormonal issues, Ibs issues and many more weight associated problems –

So what am I saying? – take responsibility for your lifestyle and assess your food – make those changes that will help the weight loss – going to the gym once, twice even three times a week but outside those 3 hours a week you are binging on unhealthy food, drinking a few glasses of alcohol each night and just sitting for more time than moving – then what a shame and what a waste – don’t get me wrong those 3 hours are better than nothing and they are most definitely helping you get fitter and helping your cardiovascular system – but if it’s weight loss you are after – it won’t happen – not unless you and only you make that change.

How bad do you want that weight loss?

Are you prepared to make changes to your life?

Can you cut out some or all of those items that are causing you to put on weight or just stay at a weight you don’t want to be at?

Have you got what it takes to do it?

You know what? You have got it, and it all starts with mind set and wanting to lose weight more than you want that extra food – dig deep, set those goals, take charge of yourself and start working towards what you want – cause I know you don’t want diabetes or something else weight related – do you?

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