How to stay fit during school holidays…..

School holidays ….. they aren’t a reason to stop focusing on your fitness and your health.

With kids at home it maybe tempting to feed them lots of foods that aren’t necessarily good for them or good for you ….. of course popping out for ice cream or cake or the odd mac’d’s shows them a good relationship with food – but they really don’t need it as much as you don’t need it.

Bring in foods like melon and water melon and summer fruits – get them eating a varied nutritious diet

Do baking together and cooking together getting them to experiment with tasty food

Very importantly – get out – 
💥go for a walk – 
💥go for a cycle ride – 
💥take them to a swing park and join in running around with them
💥go swimming
💥walk the beach

Anything that gets your steps in and keeps them moving and having fun

There is no excuse for stopping your fitness at all

One thing to add – I see many parents on ‘diets ‘ yet they feed their kids large dinners full of chips and pizza – but sitting with them and eating just a salad – this instils a ‘good’ ‘bad’ food image into kids – they see you saying ‘no that’s bad for me’ yet the parent lets them eat it – how confusing is that as a message – better to all eat healthy or all enjoy something less healthy and instil food values into all of you – I push that everyone should eat the food they like but in sensible quantity’s but we can’t deny there is an epidemic of children and adults with obesity – we have fast food chains everywhere and kids can eat all day everyday –

so why not educate our kids into eating regularly but not overly indulging in fast fatty food as we are educating ourselves – don’t sit with your kids eating saturated fats galore whilst you suffer with one salad leaf and look with envy at kids food – kids see it all!

Healthy eating for all 💥💥💥💥 healthy mindset to food

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