Im bored with my exercise

Picture this its Sunday night – you go to bed with the absolute enthusiastic thought of getting up and getting on that fitness gear and hitting the gym. Next morning you awaken to birds singing and your gym gear is there – get downstairs and have you coffee – then that’s it –  the thought sinks in ‘ I don’t want to go – cant be bothered – its boring’

Now some days you will still go and just drag yourself around the machines and weights – you will do your full sets but most probably not your full reps – you will spend more time checking your phone than actually lifting a weight – But face it YOU ARE BORED. So what to do?

We all get bored if the routine is the same – heck even our bodies know the routine and stop developing as well as they should. Change it up – keep it interesting – challenge yourself.

1.If you are on the treadmill or any cardio machine try interval training. This way you can shorten the exercise but work much harder in that time frame.

2. Find a piece of cardio equipment you have not used before – learn how to use it and have fun with it.

3. If you have never done an exercise class before, or if there is a few you haven’t tried – try one and learn something new. Pick up the diary and book yourself into at least one new class a month

4. if you don’t want to leave the house – get online and find an exercise programme. There’s a multitude on you tube and facebook.

There are some days when you just don’t feel it – don’t beat yourself up about it – have a day of rest – just don’t make a habit of it

Now if your body has plateaued and you need to up the anti a bit – try a few variations.

1. If you always do cardio – try free weights. If you always use cable machines – try cardio. If you always use free weights – try cables. You get the gist – challenge the muscles to something different

2. Try kettle bells if you have never tried it. Try plyometric’s – find the boxes and jump on top. Try trx – they are very challenging.

3. Take the weight up a notch – this goes without saying tbh. If you have reached a plateau – then you need to challenge yourself.

So get up on a Monday morning and think Im going to learn something new – Im not going just to work out Im going to socialise a bit, get out the house, challenge myself and watch my shape change.

Go on Challenge your brain and your body – your mind and body will thank you for it!




Body blast workout!!

We all want a quick workout – with quick results. This is going to get that heart rate up and burning calories. This is very much a circuit class you can do at home with just body weight No equipment need

this is an exercise plan designed for someone already used to exercising – go through once if you are a beginner.


fast feet

30seconds on 20seconds rest

jumpin jack

30seconds on 20seconds rest

lateral lunge right leg

30seconds on 20seconds rest

the mummy

30seconds on 20seconds rest

lareral lunge left leg

30seconds on 20 second rest

ski squat 

30secondson 20seconds rest

full/half press up 

12 push ups


30 secondson 20seconds rest

repeat the whole programme 3 times


when finished all 3 sets make sure you stretch 

quad stretch 20 seconds hold

hamstring stretch 20 seconds hold

tricep stretch 20 seconds hold

hip flexor stretch 20 seconds hold

stand raise hands above head – claps hands and pull upwards for a full body stretch hold 20 seconds  – lean left hold for 20 seconds lean right for 20 seconds.









Help your hormones with exercise

Perimenopause and exercise.

For any female in their late 30’s early 40’s and also in their 50’s – hang on even some in their 60’s – experiencing a multitude of peculiarities this is a must read for you. I have read and read extensively about the effects of unbalanced hormones on us females. I have spent the last 18 months doing everything possible to balance mine – it’s not easy and sometimes the hormones win – but not for long. It can make you feel crazy, sad and feel overwhelmed with life itself – and you know what – of course it does. Our hormones control everything in our body – so when they go up the creek it’s of no surprise whatsoever that we do as well. It’s a life transition and a lot of women suffer in silence thinking that they are going mad – many go to the dr and they get given antidepressants (for many they are necessary so I am not against them at all) when really all they need is help balancing the hormones.

So – are you suffering with irregular and/or heavy bleeding, insomnia, night sweats and/or hot flashes, worsening PMS, migraine and abdominal weight gain. Changing hormones are linked to increased bouts of anxiety, depression, irritability and intense mood swings almost displaying symptoms similar to bi-polar. Many women have experienced chest pain or palpitations from their hormonal imbalance and think there is something wrong with their heart.

Is this you?

So how can we get through this time of our life intact – there are ways through it and mostly eliminating some of the symptoms. You see hormonal imbalances are caused by a combination of factors such as your diet, medical history, genetics, stress levels and exposure to toxins from your environment. Some of the major contributors to hormonal imbalances include:
1.Food allergies and gut issues.
2.Being overweight
3.High levels of inflammation caused by poor diet and not enough exercise
4.Genetic susceptibility
5.Toxicity (exposure to cigarettes, excessive alcohol)
6.High amount of stress, and a lack of sleep and rest.

So what can we do

1. Eat plenty of healthy fats – coconut oil, avocado are just 2 of many foods to consume
2. Improve your gut – steer clear of processed foods, hydrogenated foods and added sugar
3. Exercise – especially interval training programmes – Exercise in general is great for balancing hormones because it reduces inflammation, can help you maintain a healthy weight, lowers stress, helps regulate your appetite, helps you sleep
4. Try to reduce stress and get that good nights sleep
5. Watch your caffeine and alcohol intake. Caffeine has a negative effect on your adrenal glands – and alcohol is a depressant so if you are already feeling low – this could exasperate that feeling the next day.

So ladies if you are reading this and found this interesting then just click like so I know it helped in some way.

This is a hard time and tbh the men are suffering too cause they don’t know what’s happening to us either. If you can understand that your hormones are causing you to feel this way and be able to explain to your partner what’s going on then it will make life easier. Also because you understand the hormones are out of balance then you will also understand that you can rebalance them.

I’m not in any way qualified in this area – this is all from information I have gathered and from personal experience – hope it helps – if you have any questions please ask here or message me.

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